i can’t get any piccis but i’m allowed to get into KinzChat Plus! BOO YA! 😆 hope to see u guys around there! 😀


omg u have GOT to go to http://www.kinzblog.com/50226711/the_giveaway_youve_been_waiting_for.php ! it is kinda like wat gymbo did, an advirtising contest. and as far as i know, more than one person can win! 😀 😀 😀

This story was put together by Rose1128 and Nichole664. Here is an article I wrote:

Mondays are always bad: Everything going slow, your bored, all of that. Well that was not the case for Nichole664. Monday, July 28th, Nichole664 found a mysterious item in her dock. It was the rumored Orange Lava Lamp! Nichole664 reported this info to GANZ, and they said it will be a future POTM, and you know what? They took it out of her dock! Check your dock to see if you have an Orange Lava Lamp. But don’t tell GANZ about it. ;)

Here is a picture of the rumored Orange Lava. Thanks Rose1128 and WebkinzRock101 for this pic. D


ok i just wanna thanx Hayho for these piccis! take a look!

the Deer’s PSI changes weather! 😮 so cool!

and it looks like the new pets dont get an air bubble yet wen they enter an underwater room! 😦

and i thought it would be fun to enter my Leopard, Fudgecake in a Beauty Pagent! i will laugh if she wins tho! i dont think she looks great. but maybe u guys do. THIS JUST IN! PICCIS OF THE COMPETION!

and how is Podles in the lead?! wat is wrong with these ppl? look at it!

aw i didnt win. oh well, there’s always next time!

and my friend wuz playing on webkinz wen the Gorilla’s PSI and two other exclusive items fell into her dock! wierd! i think it wuz something to do with the W Cares thing. cuz weneva someone gets exclusive items from W Cares, ganz send a few to someone else in webkinz world! wat do u think?

and two other things. look at the post below and sometime in early August im getting a new webkinz! but… wat one? i need ur help! plz leave names with the webkinz u mention. thanx 😀

Contest Prizes

i understand most of u r wondering wat will happen to the prizes u won in my comment contest on my old blog, right? well to be honest… i dont know 😦 i thought that perhaps what eva items u won on that contest i would like u to list them on here. once everyone has done so i will send them. plz give me ur username incase i dont have u added to my friends list. thanx for ur help 😀

Avatar Orders!

hey there! do u want a new avatar? then go to Avatar Order and follow the rules to get a whole new one! but u must have a wordpress account to use ur avatar and plz dont use one someone else has already ordered! thanx!

Layla Here!

Wow what a day! I accidentally deleted the Kinz Klub, and everyone on http://www.webkinzkid.wordpress.com has made me feel a WHOLE lot better, and now I work here! THANKS SO MUCH WEBKINZ KID FOR LETTING ME DO THIS! I can’t thank you enough! Ok, so lets gets this party started!