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That’s allΒ I ask.Β I may not post and blog as much any more. I’ll probably just talk. So lets do that.


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i am cancelling the Auction. but don’t worry! THE NEW IMPROVED KINZ KLUB IS NOW OPEN! click the link to my new blog and enter comment contest full of PSFs, Rare Items, Exclusive Items and a GRAND PRIZE WHICH INCLUDES TWO PSIs!!! i can’t wait to see ya there! :mrgreen:

the link to The Kinz Klub


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ok b4 we get into this, this is kinda like a test. i am just seeing wat u guys will bid for the following items. if there is nothing i am interested in then i will cancel the auction. otherwise i will just throw a mini comment contest ok? this auction ends on the 17th of August. ok, here r the items –

do u like them? i hope so. so now its…. TIME TO BID! πŸ˜€ have fun!

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yay! lots and lots of new webkinz figures r here! and i think i am the first to post this! (correct me if i’m wrong. just look at the date this post wuz made!) here is a picci from the webkinz newspaper!

“go figure!”

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cool or wat?!

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omg, i am soooo sorry guys! the reason i havent been on much is cuz a lot has been happening to me right now! busy as a bee i am πŸ˜€ but everything should be back to normal around next week. can’t wait to talk!

yesterday i got a new webkinz! meet….. MYTH! the reason i brought Myth is cuz A) she’s supposed to be avalible arounf Halloween and its summer ppl! B) she is ADORABLE! and C) she is ADORABLE! πŸ˜† well i did think to take any pics wen i wuz thro the process of adopting her but heres a pic of her bio! oh yeah and u know weneva u get a new webkinz u get an exclusive item with it? well i got the Outhouse! 😯 BOO YA! (i’ve been watching waaaaaay to much of Kim Possible. sorry! *sheepish shrug and smile*) anyway, take a look!

today i logged on and descovered this! I HAVE A MY PAGE! here r a few pics πŸ˜€

yes, u read the title right! the Kinz Klub will rise again! ok, maybe that sounded a little weird but i AM working on a whole new Kinz Klub! it’ll be bigger, better, and better! πŸ˜† well i’m trying πŸ˜€ keep on checking back for the link soometime in September! dont worry, i will still post on both blogs but i will mainly work on the Kinz Klub! ok thats all i can give away (maybe i gave away too much. oh well *tee hee*) see ya around!

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yay! there are 9 new webkinz now in stores! the Deer, the Silver-Back Gorrilla, the Skunk, the Cocoa Dino, the American Albino Horse, Caramel Lion, Lil Kinz Frog, Lil Kinz Lioness and the Lil Kinz Blue Jay (look at the picci)! thats good news and all but i have some bad news. NOW I HAVE TO DECIDE BETWEEN ALL THE WEBKINZ THAT R ALREADY OUT PLUS THESE 9? HELP! πŸ˜† , ok, so maybe that wuz a tad dramatic but i have two weeks to decide wat webkinz to get! i am in desperate need of ur guys help!

Kacky, plz stop being rude! u have no right too! if u keep this up then i will eventually ban u! that is a promise! i dont like threatening ppl like this but u r making me! also i have seen u swear on other ppl’s blogs (names will not be mentioned) and i think it is mean and a good way to give that person’s blog a bad name! think how u would like it! thank u for understanding.

and today check out Today’s Activites in Webkinz World to Spin the Wheel of the Month! i got a Free Spin og the Wheel of WOW coupon. not great, but still πŸ˜€

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